Tesla Graphic Novel

Last year, I was contacted by author Anthony Flacco and asked if I would be interested in illustrating a graphic novel, which he wrote, about the life of Nikola Tesla. I was thrilled by the opportunity to work on the story of this great man. It would have been  200-plus pages and at least 1100 panels. The script was compelling and beautifully written, and would make a great film. Long story short, it was eventually turned down by a couple of high-profile publishing companies. Heartbreaking for the author and I, but it’s still out there and who knows…maybe one day…

Here are sample panels I provided to help sell the book. They were drawn in pencil, which would have been such a fun way to create a graphic novel.

New Lightsaber

Here’s my most authentic-looking lightsaber yet. I found the top half at a camera flea market, and I recognized it right away as the kind of flash gun used to make Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber in 1977. I added parts I had lying around and voila.