So much artwork, so little visibility

I suppose I could use this blog as a blog for writing once in awhile. At this point, I have about three years of artwork which I cannot post online for various reasons. Okay, specifically, I cannot legally post any of it; a film that has yet to be released, another one which has not come out on DVD, one which is still in production and a game which may be another year before I can even say what it is. I’d like to say I have sketches to show, but I don’t. Working on high-profile projects is intense and time-consuming, and I would rather put down the pen at the end of the day and get on with my other interests.

That said, I’m itching to find the time to work on some personal projects I have kicking around in my sketchbooks and my garage. I have been writing outlines and notes for art projects which need to get done soon, for my own satisfaction. I’ll be posting and sharing some thoughts about these in the next post. Meanwhile, here’s a teaser logo for one of my ideas:

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