Captain Dragon

Here’s another character I did, based on a bearded dragon lizard we’ve been looking after. I imagine he’d be a bit uncomfortable in that wool suit, but hey, that’s what they wore back then. Maybe.CaptainDragon_headCaptainDragon_small

Sky Meets Land

This was a book project I started a few years ago. It’s the story of a stormy world where wispy cloud dwellers and rugged land dwellers coexist, unaware of each other’s existence. One day, a Sky-dweller discovers a brave Land-dweller climbing a mountain. It’s the story of how these two find a way to meet. I was told there was a similar Japanese animated story, so I dropped it. Still haven’t found it, but there is an animated film, unrelated, called Skyland. I may revisit this and call it something else.
Sky Land01sm


From my files – Part 1

I’ve decided to clean up some older work and post them here. This one was fun to do – it’s an alien world, it’s got stars, ruins, rings in the sky and the obligatory guy with a staff. I’m happy with the way his helmet refracts the sky. It was an old trick of holding up a glass bulb to the artwork on my screen and getting the real reflections and photographing it.