Mirror Mirror concept sketches

Just before I worked on Batman: Arkham Origins, I very briefly worked on Tarsem’s “Mirror Mirror”.  At the time, it was still called “Untitled Snow White project”. All these sketches were a work in progress, as it was very early in the pre-production, and the director was still finishing up on Immortals. I started with Snow White’s bedroom, which was supposed to be very sparsely decorated. The fun part was coming up with a wall pattern based on the style of Kay Nielsen. There were also some sleigh designs, the village and some studies of the forest elements.

SW_room1 SW_room2 NewWallpaper_blue SW_room3 SleighStudies01 SleighStudies02 Village_Wide_View Beast_Lair_Ext DwarvesWoodsTree_Ext

One thought on “Mirror Mirror concept sketches

  1. These are great and really capture a mood, even in these early stages.
    I love the Mackintosh feel of the bed in the Nielsen room.

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