Here’s the full trailer to Arrival. I did a fair bit of concept art during the early stages of preproduction, and I’m pleased to see a lot of my work in this trailer. It was by far the best screenplay I’ve worked with. The work itself challenged me immensely – in a good way. Denis Villeneuve and his production Designer Patrice Vermette were a joy to work with – brilliant minds both. Intelligent, thoughtful Sci-Fi.


4 thoughts on “Arrival

  1. Looks like a great movie, ill go see it when its out knowing you worked on it. i would love to see some of the concept art work for the movie!

  2. looks like a great movie! I’ll absolutely go see it knowing you worked on it, if possible i would love to see some of the concept art that you did for the film!

  3. Looks great- FINALLY a science fiction movie that looks to have a smart concept- not some silly military recruitment tool in disguise. Great to see the aliens are not humanoid in appearance too (I’m hoping we’ll see clear scenes of them!).
    Looks like they have variable gravity inside the “shell” and they probably can’t breathe Earth’s atmosphere (or it’s a pressure issue).

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