More work-in-progress

Well, I started back at work on the film – back to 11-hour days – so not too much time for personal work. Here’s another sketch for the Rocket Patrol poster. I find sometimes when I slow down and get into realistic proportions and poses, it loses some of the design of the original thumbnails. I’m going to try to find a half-way between this sketch and the stylized lady of my first scribble. I also want to give her face that classic American illustration look. Not quite there yet.

Today’s Drawing: The Krakken

Did I say “drawings from my sketchbook?” Well I also want to put in sketches done in Photoshop, now that I’ve been doodling more in that program than in my sketchbooks. So here’s a sketch, done in about an hour and a half – no planning, just going for it. I’ve been thinking about doing an illustrated story of  the mythological underwater beast, the Krakken. My intention with these daily roughs is to jog my imagination, and eventually see if it will lead me to a painting project worth pursuing.

2010: A drawing a day

My New Year’s resolutions this year include the usual – lose weight, get in shape, etc. – but this year I thought I’d try something different. I’ve decided to make a drawing a day, and post it here. Yes, I draw for a living, so I don’t want to count those. I want to make this a challenge to spend time alone and sketch in my sketchbook. Here’s one to get the ball rolling.