Batman: Arkham Origins – The Batwing

Now that Batman: Arkham Origins is released, I’m pleased  to be able to show some of the things I worked on. Here are a few images of Batman’s prototype for the Batwing. There were many variations, and I loved designing it since it gave me a chance to get back into aircraft drawing. The blueprints below were drawn in Photoshop using the line and pen tools, which made for an efficient and clean look.

I’ll be posting more artwork in the next coming days – environments and props.

The final design had a meaner, blunter nose.

The final design had a meaner, blunter nose.

Batwing_Prototype_Stealth Batwing_Prototype_Attack

One of about a dozen pages of thumbnails

One of about a dozen pages of thumbnails


My colleague Virgil Loth modified this later and made it much cooler. You can see his designs in the art book that comes with the collector's edition of the game.

My colleague Virgil Loth modified this later and made it much cooler. You can see his designs in the art book that comes with the collector’s edition of the game.


Frame grab from a cinematic.

Frame grab from a cinematic.

My New Logo

So here it is – the logo that I started in July, and didn’t get around to doing anything about till this past weekend. In the end, it took about 16 hours total. I used a Palomino Blackwing pencil, which has now become my favorite drawing tool ever. After so many years, what a pleasure to return to pencil on paper!

The final drawing is 32″ x 15″ and is on drafting vellum. The challenge for me was going completely the opposite direction of how I like to do logos, forgoing the pure minimalist style for steel engraving and Gaslight style. The challenge now is to design business cards and stationary around this. I want to find genuine vintage paper, similar to what was used for stocks and bonds.

LogoMH_wip MeinertHansenLogo_small

A new illustration – new inspiration

I found an old sketch in one of my many unfinished Moleskin sketchbooks to use as an example for my class last friday. It turned out that I took it home on the weekend and decided to finish painting it. I’m quite happy with the results. Only one brush and never more than two layers in Photoshop. I will be doing this more often.



From the vaults – Me and Steely Joe

I found this Polaroid of me with the full-scale costume of Steely Joe, which I designed for ‘The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne’ back in 1998. This was at Texa FX in Montreal where all the creatures and prosthetics were made. They did incredible work for the show. I didn’t realize at the time that it was the first real steampunk television series, and it was my introduction to the genre which I love so much. What a trip it was, walking on sets and seeing life-sized versions of my designs. I had the pleasure of going through that experience on more movies later, but this was my first big production and I put my all into it.

Me_and_SteelyJoeHere are a couple screenshots of the steam-powered cowboy in action. I wonder if the series will ever be released on DVD.



Mirror Mirror concept sketches

Just before I worked on Batman: Arkham Origins, I very briefly worked on Tarsem’s “Mirror Mirror”.  At the time, it was still called “Untitled Snow White project”. All these sketches were a work in progress, as it was very early in the pre-production, and the director was still finishing up on Immortals. I started with Snow White’s bedroom, which was supposed to be very sparsely decorated. The fun part was coming up with a wall pattern based on the style of Kay Nielsen. There were also some sleigh designs, the village and some studies of the forest elements.

SW_room1 SW_room2 NewWallpaper_blue SW_room3 SleighStudies01 SleighStudies02 Village_Wide_View Beast_Lair_Ext DwarvesWoodsTree_Ext

Captain Dragon

Here’s another character I did, based on a bearded dragon lizard we’ve been looking after. I imagine he’d be a bit uncomfortable in that wool suit, but hey, that’s what they wore back then. Maybe.CaptainDragon_headCaptainDragon_small

Sky Meets Land

This was a book project I started a few years ago. It’s the story of a stormy world where wispy cloud dwellers and rugged land dwellers coexist, unaware of each other’s existence. One day, a Sky-dweller discovers a brave Land-dweller climbing a mountain. It’s the story of how these two find a way to meet. I was told there was a similar Japanese animated story, so I dropped it. Still haven’t found it, but there is an animated film, unrelated, called Skyland. I may revisit this and call it something else.
Sky Land01sm